Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Safe Ways to Celebrate and Make the Holidays Special for You and Your Pet

Provide your pet some extra love and attention to let them know they’re not forgotten during busy holiday times.
  • Take your dog for an extra walk or add some extra snuggle time -- it’ll help your pet relieve some of that holiday stress (call us to help with this task!)
  • Keep a supply of pet treats handy and reach for one before you’re tempted to toss your pet that little bite of “people” food.
  • Let your pet get into the gift-giving spirit by making a donation (e.g., food, litter, toys) to your local shelter in his name.
  • Perhaps your dog would like a new bed, or your cat a new scratching post. Birds love mirrors or other fun items for the cage. Get creative!
Whichever treat or special activity you choose, you’ll be enhancing the bond you share -- and your pet will love it!

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